general terms & conditions

General Terms & Conditions

  1. Conclusion of the contract

1.1. With the booking enquiry the tenant offers to Maison d´Or the conclusion of a contract obligatory. The lessor accepts the conclusion of the contract with booking confirmation and receipt of the paid deposit.

1.2. Until the beginning of the vacation stay the tenant can demand that instead of him a third party enters the rights and duties from the vacation house contract. The lessor can contradict the admission of the third party if this isn’t enough for the special requirements to a vacation house stay or legal regulations stand contrary to. If a third party enters the vacation house contract, then he and the tenant as joint debtors are legally responsible to the lessor for the rent.

  1. Payment

2.1. The rent advance corresponds to the bail and as a rule amounts to the deposit and is due upon receipt of the booking confirmation and host must die the booking confirmation within 10 days according to date. The payment of the balance is carried out until 8 weeks before the renting beginning. If payments aren’t made as stipulated in the contract, this can as a resignation of the tenant of the lease according to point 5. being judged. The payments fixed there mature with that. All payments have to occur gratis in the currency of the reservation process. Perhaps credit card fees, costs of payment services or other costs in connection with currencies and payments go to loads of the tenant and are at the latest to pay with account of the deposit.

2.2. These result for additional costs pay (meter readings) or settle with the paid bail after consumption on-site at non-booking of the service flat rate (see 3.8.) they are, from consumption. Damages perhaps to be accepted for the responsibility to inventory and facilities of the house also have to be settled with the bail. An inventory list with prices is displayed in the house.

2.3. As a rule, rents are indicated as week prices and in country currency.

2.4. The prices/performance specifications are under reservation and dependent of price increases, misprints. The prices are valid it these are published on the Internet under the properties website.

  1. The rented vacation house

3.1. The object rented by the tenant is property of a private person. Maison d´ Or has rent it for the season. The lessor takes on the responsibility for the description, equipment and cleanness only in this respect when this is possible with permanently changing tenants.

3.2. The vacation house/the vacation dwelling may at the most be lived in with the person number indicated in the description. Supernumerary persons can be rejected by the lessor.

3.3. The letting is week by week exclusively carried out. 16:00 is carried out the journey, 23:00 clock and departure until 10:00 o’clock. The times have to be adhered absolutely! Exceptions are possible only after a written confirmation by the lessor.

3.4. If the tenant shouldn’t appear on the journey day, the contract is regarded as handed in one’s notice without notification to the lessor or his representative after a period of 48 hours. The lessor or his representative then can have the object freely.

3.5. The use of tents and mobile homes is you don’t allow on the property.

3.6. The tenant is responsible for the purification of the renting object. On departure the renting object has to be left cleaned with inventory. The final cleaning is made by staff of the lessor on the spot by the tenant or at claims on the service flat rate (see 3.8.). The renting object with terraces must, however, be well-swept and blithe and the dishes be washed also at claims on the service flat rate.

3.7. The additional costs like water, current and gas mature depending on the actual consumption after reading of meter readings on the spot. (see also 3.8.)

3.8. Service flat rate: A service flat rate can for single do the tenant Deposit booking independently of the person number. All additional costs like gas, water and current as well as the bedlinen, towels as well as WLAN and the final cleaning are contained in it. It is therefore recommended to book the flat rate. If it is wished to laundry change and intermediate cleaning one this is so respectively on the whole during the stay possible. Note: The service fee is a fair-use flat rate. If you exceed the statistical average consumption per person for incidental expenses by more than 1 / 3, eliminating the flat rate and instead are the actual costs incurred. The final cleaning included requires that stove and grill clean, empty dishwasher, garbage disposal and will leave the house broom clean. These things could also be made by our staff, but then it is to declare by the Check out formular and has to be paid additionaly.

3.9. Carrying pets isn’t permitted explicitly. At contravention therefore, if pets are found in the vacation house by the lessor or his representation on the spot, the lease is regarded as handed in one’s notice without notice. This is valid it also in the reference to the indicated person number any damage compensation entitlements are dropped in this case to the lessor

3.10. The size of the contractual performance to the renting object arises exclusively from the performance specification on the Internet. Supplementary agreements for the performance specification require the written confirmation of the lessor.

3.11. Linen, towels, bath towels, are put by the lessor only at claims on the service flat rate (p. 3.8.) for the duration of the stay.

3.12. Complaints must be immediately or at the latest reported by the vacation resort by the tenant from the lessor by mail or by fax within 24 hours. The lessor endeavors to remove the defects in an adequate period. Later complaints aren’t recognized by the lessor and don’t entitle to compensation entitlements. Complaints put forward after renting time end aren’t respected and don’t entitle to compensation entitlements. There is here the cooperation duty of the tenant to keep the damage as low as possible.

3-13. The lessor assumes no liability for the tenant or persons traveling along good brought in into the vacation house by these and for. Insurance isn’t effected for this.

3.14. Damages by an improper operation of the inventory are for debits of the tenant.

  1. Changes of the performances

The pictures in the catalog (home page) are liability-free. Changes of facilities and equipment of the renting object are left and don’t substantiate any claims of the tenant. You are, however, fundamental this one indicated exemplarily equal. It is possible that the lessor keeps spaces or possible pieces of furniture locked for his personal things. These rooms aren’t indicated in the description.

  1. Resignation by the tenant (also see 1.2.)

The tenant can withdraw from the lease or supply a substitute tenant any time. The declaration about resignation or substitute tenant is effective from the day she dies with the host of. To avoid later discrepancies, the in writing (letter, fax, e-mail) is recommended. The costs amount:

99 days and more: The Deposit

99 to 60 days before journey: 50% of the rent

60 to 0 days before journey: 100% of the rent

At non-journey the tenant has to inform the host within 48 hours.

  1. Performances not taken up

6.1. not takes the tenants’ performances of the lessor, no-one passes claim to a proportionate refund.

The lessor isn’t liable

6.2 at impairment of the vacation or the renting object by acts of god either! In such cases there are arising more and renting costs for debits of the tenant.

  1. Resignation and cancellation by the lessor

7.1. For the not acceptable one the provision of the vacation house out is impracticable for reasons if by the lessor, other letting, inhabitability e.g. sale of the house in this case this one will try by greater damages etc. to offer a substitute, this isn’t possible or the substitute doesn’t meet with the approval of the tenant, the rent paid to the lessor is refunded. A further-reaching compensation entitlement or reimbursement is excluded.

7.2. This one lessors send a written reminder with last time and if necessary cancellation option, after lapse of times the lessor is authorized to terminate the contract if the tenant doesn’t meet his financial obligations acc. to paragraph 2 which the contra-entry flat rates apply in accordance with paragraph 5.

7.3. Distance details on the surroundings are after information of the lessor and liability-free approx. details.

  1. End conditions

8.1. The ineffectiveness of single terms of the renting conditions and/or the lease leaves the validity of the other regulations untouched.

8.2. The tenant is obliged to treat the renting object together with accessories and inventory carefully and carefully. He is liable for all damages, they or the persons accompanying him cause. The tenant is joint debtor for the rented renting object.

8.3. The lease gets valid, if the booking of the tenant by the lessor was confirmed and the deposit you paid.

8.4. Divergent and/or additional agreements always require the in writing.

8.6. The description on the Internet is carried out after the best knowledge and conscience, is, however, liability-free.

8.5. The lessor opposite is liable for justifiable defects and complaints to the renting thing to the tenant. Liechtenstein law is applicable. As an exclusive place of jurisdiction Vaduz is agreed on.


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